After extensive consideration, I have arrived at the difficult decision to withdraw my candidacy in the race for Calgary Ward 2 city councillor and endorse fellow candidate, Jennifer Wyness.

This election has a lot riding on it. It is by far bigger and more important than Ron Taylor becoming councillor. The city of Calgary is at a pivotal moment. The importance of our next steps being the right ones far outweighs the importance of the person implementing them. Those who have researched Ward 2 candidate platforms will have seen many parallels between my hopes and aspirations for the city and those of Ms. Wyness. At this point, to have two candidates delivering similar promises and directions for Ward 2 is simply splitting our voter base with complete disregard for the causes we pursue.

Jennifer Wyness and I have had an extensive conversation surrounding this decision, and I stressed the importance of the things the "Taylor For Two" campaign was striving to accomplish. At great length, we discussed balanced governance that takes care of our economic future and takes care of Calgarians and their services. We discussed the importance of respecting our Treaty 7 obligations and the pursuit of actionable items of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's calls to action. We spoke of community safety, environmental responsibility, the importance of community spaces, and creating opportunities that bring people together during a time when polarity is drawing people apart. Of course our perspectives are not 100% aligned on every single topic, and that is okay. Healthy debate through civil discourse explores varying thoughts and ideas. Jennifer's willingness to have those conversations in an attentive and respectful manner confirmed my decision to recommend her as our next Ward 2 city councillor because city hall needs more of that. By no means am I falling off the political radar. Ms. Wyness and I will continue policy discussions throughout the campaign period and, if all goes well, beyond election day.

The Taylor for Two campaign would not have come this far without the unwavering support of my wife Christina, family, friends, and supporters who quickly became friends, all selflessly giving of their time and resources. I appreciate and am blessed by each and every one of you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!


Ron Taylor